Sending your Child to College


It is back to school time. For some, it is the first time your child will be away from home. College is now here. College can create a sense of independence. Going from the security of your home to the reality of the real world, will be a new adjustment for both students and parents. College is a learning experience for everyone. Your child is still a child. While embarking on this independent adventure, your child may still make stupid choices. Remember when you went to college. You didn’t always make the right choices. Let your child learn their own lessons. They can’t always learn from your experiences, but they will from their own. No matter what, your child still needs you as a parent. It is a different relationship now, however, you still need to stay involved, but not be overbearing. Try not to judge, but help guide your child to be the best they can be. Give your child space so they can grow, but find ways to stay in touch. Continue to be the unconditional support system. They do need you through this stage of their life. And they love care packages with a taste of home in them!