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Hola bienvenidos a Cutler Cleaners

Como limpiar zapatos y botas de gamuza

Cuando se trata de limpiar calzado de gamuza, el viejo proverbio que dice “mas vale prevenir que curar” definitivamente se aplica en este caso.

Tratar sus zapatos de piel o gamuza con un aerosol protector le ayudara a repeler el agua y a evitar manchas. Si ya es tarde para eso, es bueno saberlo para una necesidad futura que esta proteccion debe efectuarse antes de usarlos.

Adionalmente, estos son algunos consejos para la limpieza de zapatos y botas de piel y gamuza que se han manchado.

Recuerde siempre de hacer una pruba de cualquier producto que va a utilizar en un area pequena y pco visible, antes de aplicarlo a una mancha notoria, y utilice productos fabricados unicamente para la limpieza especifica del material de su zapato.

Para mancha muy notorias en calzado de gamuza, utilice un bloque especial  de limpieza ( llamado el “suede eraser”). Estos productos se desmoronan en la medida que los usa y son muy utiles para remover manchas yla suciedad de los zapatos.

Despues de limpiarlos, la presencia de la gamuza puede restaurarse utilizando un cepillo para gamuza. El cepillo con filamentos metalicos generalmente viene incluido en un paquete con el “suede eraser”

Joe’s Shoe Service es un buen lugar para encontar los materiales para estalimpieza de productos de gamuza y cuidado del calzado, y tienen precios muy razonables. Otra alternativa es visitra su zapaateria mas cercana que con frecuencia ofrecen estos productos.

Limpieza de carteras y bolsos

coach-felicia-leather-slim-duffleEs un hecho de la vida: las manchas suceden. Sin embargo, encontrar una mancha está en su bolso de diseñador (que fue una inversión de la que esperabas obtener el mejor provecho), puede ser difícil una noticia desconcertante! Escuchamos con frecuencia a los clientes que tiene este problema de una cartera/bolsa manchadas casi todos los días, por lo que entendemos estos incidentes son traumáticos.

Si las manchas son menores o de menor importancia, se pueden hacer algunas cosas en casa. nos gustaría compartir algunos consejos para ayudar a salvar su bolso. Desafortunadamente, la limpieza del monedero, sobre todo la limpieza de una bolsa de cuero, no es tan simple como lavar una camiseta. Una advertencia: la limpieza de bolsos de diseño puede tener sus riesgos, y si no tienes cuidado, es muy fácil de transformar una bolsa rescatable en una pérdida total. Por lo tanto, el tratamiento de su bolsa debe ser  con cuidado y siempre probar un nuevo producto en un área poco visible.

It’s a fact of life: stains happen. Still, finding a stain is on your designer handbag (which might have been an investment you’d hoped to get some mileage out of), can be tough to take sitting down. We hear from customers with blemished bags nearly every day, so we understand these incidents are traumatic, and purse cleaning is expensive to boot. If you have a bag that requires professional cleaning, do give us a call at 800.240.3377 – we can clean your bag by mail if you’re not local to NYC.

For minor blemishes you can handle at home, we’d like to share some purse cleaning tips to help you salvage your arm candy. Unfortunately, purse cleaning, especially cleaning a leather purse, isn’t as simple as washing a basic tee. Fair warning: cleaning designer handbags can be risky, and if you’re not careful, it’s all too easy to transform a salvageable bag into a total loss. So, treat your bag with care and always test a new product on an inconspicuous area first.

This blog post will primarily cover leather handbags. Vinyl and plastic purses are simple to clean with mild soap and water. Purses made from exotic materials, such as snakeskin, are not a good at-home DIY cleaning project.

When cleaning your leather purse, remember that all genuine leather was once a living hide. First and foremost, animal skins needs to breathe. If you suffocate your purse with the wrong cleaner, or allow a stain to become embedded, the leather will dry out, crack, or fade. For this reason, it’s important to steer clear of most synthetic cleaning products, especially ones that are petroleum-based. It’s also important to clean your leather purse with a cloth that won’t delaminate or crumble. Use a microfiber cloth like this to wipe your bag — never use soggy paper towels.

So, how to clean your leather purse? Let’s get started. It’s easiest to clean your handbag before it gets heavily soiled, so try to freshen up your leather purses regularly. The best way to do this is using baby wash and those previously mentioned microfiber towels. Heavily dilute the wash (a drop or two will do in 8-12 ounces of water) and mix the solution in a spray bottle. Never spray any cleaning product (even watered down) straight onto your leather bag; rather, spray the solution onto your towel , then gently wipe the bag. Try to go with the grain of the leather, and use smooth, even strokes. Pay particular attention to the areas of the bag you most often touch, such as the handle and clasp, as those sections are the most likely to be saturated by body oils. It’s also a good idea to condition your bag periodically with a moisturizer specifically tailored to leather purses.

If you have a major stain, don’t despair. In the cleaning business, we refer to two types of stains: wet stains (which can come out with water) and dry stains (which must be removed by, you guessed it, dry cleaning). A wet stain is a stain with a water-soluble contaminant. Ketchup is a common water-based stain. Wet stains can be removed at home, but “dry stains,” typically greasy blemishes caused by oil, paint, wax or lipstick will need professional attention.

To treat stained leather, you’ll want to break out your microfiber clothes again and get your hands on a product called saddle soap. Be cautious! Saddle soap can streak or stain certain leathers. Test it out in an inconspicuous area first. Gently blot the affected area, or wipe if you must, but never rub a stain. You may end up grinding the contaminant in more deeply, or worse, removing leather dye with the saddle soap. This method will be most effective when a stain is fresh, so don’t delay cleaning stained leather surfaces! You can’t rush the process when cleaning handbags, so don’t be afraid to let your bag dry and repeat the process. Successful cleaning may take several tries.

Scratched bags are another common issue we see at Cutler Cleaners. Shoe polish is acceptable for minor touchups, but be aware it’s a temporary measure and will rub back off over time. Be very careful not to apply too much polish, which could make a mess and cause your leather to stiffen.

Don’t forget to pay attention to metal hardware such as brass snaps or stainless steel eyelets. Believe it or not, the best home remedy we’ve found to clean tarnished and grimy hardware are Mr. Clean’s magic erasers. Keep zippers moving freely with a piece of beeswax (you can find this in natural foods stores). Never use WD-40 or similar oils on a leather bag! They can drip and cause major blemishes.

The easiest way to make sure your bag stays clean is to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place. Try not to carry pens in your good bags (ink marks are a bear even for professionals to remove) and always make sure liquid contents are secure. Be careful handling your bag at the salon, and after using cosmetics. Don’t set your bag down on dirty countertops, or worse, the floor. (yuk!) Finally, if the weather is inclement, you may want to reconsider bringing out a special bag.

Take care when storing your designer purse. Never leave your purse in a sealed bag or container. (Leather must breathe, remember?) A much better storage option is a dustcover or old pillowcase. These will protect your bag without smothering it. Also, keep your bag off concrete floors (which can promote mildew) and try not to leave it in areas exposed to extreme temperatures, such as attics or closed cars on a hot summer day. If your bag has a chain handle, store the chain inside the bag to avoid scratching the outside leather when the bag is resting.

With proper care, it’s possible to enjoy most leather purses nearly indefinitely. So, if you have a designer handbag with timeless styling, don’t let wear or stains force you to retire it early. If you’re not comfortable cleaning your bag at home, we at Cutler Cleaners can help! Send us an email about cleaning your leather handbag and we’ll get you a quote. We can even go to you with our Pick and Delivery Routes.