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From the Owner: “I could go on and on about state of the art equipment, environmentally friendly cleaning practices, expert stain removal etc.. Although all of them are true, I don’t believe they are what sets Cutler Cleaners apart from the rest. What sets us apart is I still consider dry cleaning and stain removal an art form. I am a Professional Dry Cleaner. With over twenty years experience behind me, I still personally service many of the garments brought to us for dry cleaning. I believe through working passionately alongside my team, that passion will show through our product.” Richard A. Diaz, Owner/General Manager.




Our deluxe shirt laundry will keep you looking sharp. We hand brush every cuff and collar before laundering your shirt in a citrus based soap complete with color safe bleach, brighteners, and conditioner. If you are a starch kind of guy, we’ll add just the right amount to suit your preference. We also don’t think you should have to pay extra for a job to be done right, and that is why we hand finish every shirt. Finally, we inspect every button (even that little one on the cuff) and replace any missing or broken buttons. At Cutler Cleaners, your shirts will receive the attention to detail that you deserve!

Cutler Restoration Logo UpdatedOver the last 15 years, Cutler Cleaners has established the reputation of being one of Miami’s leaders in high end garment care and customer service. Cutler Clothing Restoration brings that same expertise in garment care and customer service to our clients who have experienced a fire or water disaster. We are your best choice for restoring your families wardrobe after a disaster. We also restore bedding, area rugs, draperies, stuffed animals, pillows, handbags, shoes, luggage, etc..

We come to your home, pick up the affected items, inventory, photograph, restore, and store them until your home is ready to accept them back. Best of all, we deal with the insurance company directly, because you have enough to worry about.

11737918-girl-wearing-leather-jacketLeather and suede cannot be cleaned with conventional dry cleaning solvent, being it too harsh a chemical will dry out the hide. This is why over 95% of dry cleaners send their leather and suede out to a “specialist”. The problem is, the wholesaler rarely takes the necessary time to do the job right. We know because that is what we used to do, until we invested in hydrocarbon. Now, we give our customers’ leather, suede, and fur the treatment they expect from Cutler Cleaners, while saving them some money by cutting out the other guy.

Tailoring It is a rare occurrence for a garment to fit perfectly straight off the rack. If you have never had your clothes tailored to your body before, you are really missing out! Please come in and treat yourself to a professional fitting. We can handle everything from a jean hem to body forming an evening gown. When your clothes fit great, you’ll look and feel great!


oriental-rug-cleaning-tampa-bayAt Cutler Cleaners, we offer professional area rug washing, restoration, and repair for any and all types of area rugs.

weddinggownpreservationCutler Cleaners is fully equipped to handle your most prized garment, your wedding gown. All wedding gowns are cleaned and preserved in house. Wedding gowns are cleaned outside of regular production to ensure all attention is devoted to their well being. Whether you want your gown cleaned to take additional wedding photos or preserved and boxed as a special remembrance, Cutler Cleaners vows to handle it with the utmost of care.